Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jet Lag

We are just back from a fabulous vacation in Europe (without kids!) and I am beat. They are not lying when they say that the jet lag is worse coming home than it is going over there. Nonetheless, I thought I'd share a few photos before being consumed again by this fog-like tiredness I have been battling for two days. The goal tonight is to stay awake until 9pm, woohoo!

Oh, and did I mention we're moving next weekend? Yeah, good timing Cliffords. Nothing says "We Heart Procrastination" more than taking a vacation out of the country less than two weeks before you're supposed to be packed and ready to move. Don't worry, we're not going far ... details to come later. For now, enjoy the pictures!

Pantheon, Rome

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Coliseum, Rome

Halls of the Vatican, Rome

Port of Messina, Sicily

Market in Taormina, Sicily

Ruins of Ephesus, Turkey

Parthenon, Athens

Beaches of Crete, Greece


  1. Wow - I would love to visit there. And without kids too! I'm envious. :)

  2. Um, wow! Wow, Wow, Wow! Looks like an amazing trip! And now, we need details of this move?