Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Girls' and Boys' Night Out

Last week we had a little separate boys' and girls' nights out on the town. The girls and I got all dressed up and headed downtown to see a bunch of their friends in their dance recital. The girls are currently obsessed with dancing and I am simultaneously cursing myself for purchasing those tap shoes at the consignment sale this fall (it seemed like a great idea at the time). So we headed out and had a great time critiquing all the dancers while oooohing and ahhhhing over the sparkliness of their costumes.

(This is the only picture I could get as we waited in line to get into the theater. Of course they were drawn like magnets to any type of electronic device and they had a new best friend in a matter of minutes).

The boys, on the other hand, decided to do something more manly like throw large heavy objects at pins in an attempt to knock them over. And did I mention that they got to rent smelly, used bowling shoes? They had a blast though, as evidenced through the photos Matt sent me all night.

So boys' and girls' nights were a rousing success! We're trying to do more with the kids individually or in smaller groups when we can and this was a lot of fun. The next goal is to try and take each child on their own individual "date" with Mommy and Daddy. We still need to work out the logistics (babysitting, anyone?), but it should be fun and is a tradition we'd like to keep going for a long time.

T-minus three days until moving day!

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