Monday, March 26, 2012

Out Like A Lamb

Can you believe that it's March and this is what I see outside in my backyard?

I'm all for a warm spring, but it feels like we have jumped headfirst into early summer with the weather we've been having. High temperatures have caused all the daffodils to already bloom and our pear tree has already had its pretty white blooms turn scarlet.

We have been spending every waking moment outside these last few weeks. The kids come home from school and race outside to get a little swinging in before lunch. Then they're back outside as soon as they wake up from naps. We even brought out the water table and the hose, things that usually don't make their grand entrance until June.

Even though I'm enjoying the warmth, I kinda miss those early spring days where it's warm enough to play outside, but still cool enough to need a light jacket. Hopefully we'll have a few more of those days before full blown summer hits us.

But for now we're enjoying the things that warm days bring - shorts, the first scraped knees of the season, meals outside, popsicles, freeze tag, and mischief disguised in the form of a hose and slide.

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  1. I love there park , it's beautiful