Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hunting Season

We're fresh off the first of 567 many Easter egg hunts of the season and all is right in the Clifford house again. There are no fewer than six chocolate stains on the furniture and I went out and bought a new tub of Oxy Clean to combat the chocolate stained clothes that are sure to follow.

On a positive note, someone on the egg hunt committee at preschool put Skittles in the plastic eggs! I may or may have not been doing random egg shake tests to determine which eggs the Skittles are concealed in. You know you're a good candy detector when you can discern the difference between Skittles and M&Ms by a jangle of the egg. It's sad, I know, but yummy nonetheless!

Happy Hunting!

*These pictures were all taken with my phone because I didn't want to lug around my camera while sweating and chasing after four kids trying to get pictures. I still have approximately 566 egg hunts before Easter to get some better shots, so please excuse any blurriness or lighting issues!

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