Monday, March 19, 2012

Dancin' Machine

It's too bad he turned into Mr. Shy once I tried to take a video. Boy's got some MOVES, y'all. I'll have to catch him one day on the sly.

As you can see, the boombox is still the gift that keeps on giving. Now can anyone suggest some upbeat kids' music? We have about worn out the Fresh Beat Band (meaning I can't stand to listen to it anymore). Anyone know any other music of a similar flavor (or is it flava)?


  1. Ohhh, great idea! I've heard of them and my husband is a big Ben Folds fan (isn't his brother in the group?). Thanks!

  2. its and oldie, but my kids (now 20 and up, but i just bought a new set for them b/c they getting married etc and i want grandbabies) is KidSongs, they're actually DVD's, really upbeat fun songs sung mostly by kids, w a few adults, dancing and doing silly thing. my favorite is still "very silly songs"