Monday, November 21, 2011


We hold all of our Halloween candy hostage in a bucket on top of the refrigerator once it arrives at our house. That way we can pick and choose the best candy to steal monitor how much candy the kids get each day. We usually let them pick one piece after dinner if they try everything on their plate and eat a reasonable amount of their dinner. One night a few weeks ago we were passing the candy bucket around the table after dinner when the following conversation took place ...

Me: "Ok Sam, what candy are you going to have?"

Sam: "Ummmmm, I'm gonna have the chocolate bar!"

Me: "Great. Ok, your turn Adah."

Adah: "Ohhhh, what's this?!?" (while holding up a Kit Kat ... the LAST Kit Kat ... Did I mention that I love Kit Kats?)

Me: "Oh, I don't think you'll like that. How about this lollipop?" (Don't judge ... I love Kit Kats)

Adah: "Ok!"

Me: "Luke, your turn. What do you want for dessert?"

Luke: "Mommy I want a tipsy stick!"

Me: "A what? How do you even know what tipsy means?" (as I glance at my glass of wine sitting on the table)

Luke, while gesturing at what he wants: "A TIPSY STICK mommy!"

Me, seeing him pointing at the brightly colored straw in the bucket: "Oh, a PIXIE stick ... right!"

Matt: "You actually could get pretty tipsy after a couple of those things ... not that I would know."

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