Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hairy Situations

I was excited at an early doctor's appointment when I found out that one of the triplets was going to be a girl. I started buying bows in bulk once I found out that two of the three in there were going to be female. I wouldn't consider myself especially girly or frilly, but I love picking out girly clothes for Peyton and Adah. And usually there is a matching bow or barrette to go on top. I had to wait a long time for their hair to grow (almost 2 years for Adah!), so it was a day of celebration once I could actually put both girls' hair up in a bow.

The bald wonder

The girls happily complied with my hair requests over the first couple years. They could have cared less what their hair looked like and I was happy because it looked cute and was out of their faces. Now, as we are inching ever closer to the big number 4 birthday, the girls have decided to take control in the hair department. Adah still has never had a haircut because a) she really hasn't needed one and b) she is scared to death to get one. She has seen her siblings get them many times but the idea of shears near her own precious scalp sends her up the wall. Peyton, on the other hand, is a hair salon veteran. But she is starting to have opinions on what crowns her own locks on a daily basis. A typical morning of hair issues goes like this ...

Me: "Peyton, come in the bathroom and let me do your hair before we go to school!"

Peyton: "But Mom, I want to wear my hair down!"

Me: "You can't wear it down because then you can't see anything. Your hair just falls in you face and you can't see. You could wear it down if you got bangs. Do you want bangs?"

Peyton: "No bangs!"

(I breathe a secret sign of relief as I abhor bangs from previous childhood experience)

Me: "Ok, so lets do your hair. Do you want a barrette or a rubber band?"

Peyton: "A rubber band, but not thaaaaaat one!!! I want the piiiiiink one!"

Me: "Ok, fine. Now do you want a bow?"

Peyton: "No bow."

Me: "Are you sure??"

Peyton: "Yup."

Ten minutes later ...

Me: "Ok guys, let's get in the car! Where's Peyton? Why isn't she out here with everyone else? Peyton! Where are you?!?!"

Peyton, crying: "I'm in here! Don't leave me Mommy!"

Me: "What are you doing? Why aren't you getting in the car?"

Peyton: "I don't have a bow!! You forgot my bow!"

Me: "You said you didn't want a bow! Now you want one?"

Peyton: "Yes, a blue one."

Me: "Ok, I'll get a blue bow. Anything else?"

Peyton: "Yes. I want piggy tails now. And bangs. What are bangs?"

And so it goes ...

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