Monday, October 3, 2011

If I Were A Pumpkin

For the last two weeks the kids have been asking me when it will be October. Their little brains have figured out that this is the month when the magic begins to happen. From now until the New Year it's an endless jumble of apple festivals, pumpkin spice candles, candy, turkeys, pilgrims, sweet potato casseroles, mistletoe, reindeer, snow, advent calendars, nativity scenes, and that jolly ol' St. Nick. They can hardly contain themselves.

So we started out the best three months of a child's year with our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Lucky for us, it's right down the street. The weather cooperated for us as well and we got a great fall weekend of cool temperatures and sunny skies.
How do kids innately know what to do at a pumpkin patch? I have a working theory that the pumpkins emit an odorless gas that causes children to light up and run around with boundless and joyful energy. Kinda like what the annual re-introduction of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks does for my soul.

We always let the kids choose one small pumpkin of their own and together we choose a couple of  larger "family" pumpkins that we carve on Halloween.
However, this pumpkin selection method has caused the kids to make a direct correlation between the pumpkins and themselves. They assume that since they are little, they pick a little pumpkin (somehow as a representation of themselves). So you know what this means about the other pumpkins that get picked ...

Yup, those pumpkins (according to them) are meant to represent Matt and me. So how did we fare this year??

Well, Daddy's pumpkin is tall and proportionate without many blemishes. And mine? Well, mine is squat, mottled, and ridden with bumps and imperfections. I guess you can't hide your true self from your children! But how did Daddy manage to pull the wool over their eyes???
Happy Pumpkin Picking!

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