Friday, October 14, 2011

Football Saturday

If you live in the South, you know that Fall = Football. It's just common knowledge around here. There's nothing better than a Saturday spent outside with the leaves changing all around you and weather cool enough to wear jeans and some highly fashionable boots. So instead of watching the scene unfold on ESPN last week, we decided to do it ourselves.

My parents were visiting last week and we are lucky enough to live an hour from my (and my husband's and my dad's) alma mater, Davidson College. We loved our college days so much and it's been great to now live so close. The kids  have already been to a basketball game, but this was their first time to the gridiron and I think they enjoyed it!

As you can see, pom poms were a necessity. We hit the student store before the game and I counted myself lucky that we escaped with only these (and some new t-shirts, of course).

Bogey and Marmee met us for the game as well, so we had plenty of adults on hand to tame the masses. The adults actually outnumbered the kids for once!

Getting settled (that didn't last very long ... the being settled and seated part).

Although Davidson is one of the smallest schools in the country (around 2000 students) to participate in Division I athletics, the football program is still non-scholarship. This made for a great kid-friendly environment and was the main reason we took the kiddos. They were free to go up and down the stairs, roam the sidelines looking for the Wildcat, and watch the cheerleaders up close and personal (don't get any ideas Sam and Luke).

What's the score, Bogey?

Watching the players leave the field.

It was such a fun day with family and friends and we can't wait to do it again. We're hoping the kids will be able to make a few basketball games this year as well ... only another month until tip-off (not that I'm partial towards a particular sport or anything)!

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