Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Carnival

We had another great time this year at the kids' preschool fall carnival. We are so lucky to be at such a great school that has parents ready and willing to volunteer to make these great events happen. This preschool is one of the things I love the most about Winston-Salem! I can't believe that next year will be the triplets' last year here.

We broke out the costumes for the first time for the event. This is the first year that the kiddos have taken an active interest in what they want to be for Halloween. The boys went all criminal justice system on me when they decided to be a policeman and a "sherf" (translation: sheriff).

I know they don't look very menacing, but these boys took their jobs seriously.

Needless to say, I was issued my fair share of traffic citations that day.

The girls, echoing the sentiments of most 3 year old girls I know, decided to stick with something pink, purple, and sparkly that necessitated a crown.

Specifically (and nowadays everything is very specific with almost four year olds), Adah was "just a fairy" and Peyton was the Tooth Fairy. I really have no idea how the girl knows about the Tooth Fairy already, but she does. She is dying to have her teeth fall out so that the TF will bring her a surprise. I don't have the heart to tell her that she's still got three or four more years to wait. Patience is a virtue, right?

After costuming, it was on the the carnival! We got to play a bunch of different games and earn lots of sweet treats. The highlights were the doughnut walk (they were giving out Krisy Kreme doughnuts so I kept trying to get the kids to play this one multiple times), face painting, and the ever popular bounce house.

What a great day to get us all in the mood for Halloween and fall! I think we may keep coming back to the carnival even after the kids graduate from preschool. Events like these always help to remind me how short and sweet these preschool years are and how quickly they will be gone. But on this day, it was just a time for a policeman, a sheriff, a fairy, and a tooth fairy to eat some candy, laugh, and just enjoy the magic of make believe for at least one more year.


  1. I love the dog peeking through the door on the last picture! Adorable!

  2. Wilson finds a way into every picture!