Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Soccer Mom

I am WAY too young to be one of those. But here's what the kids have been wearing around the house for the last few days in anticipation of their first soccer practice that happens in, oh, A MONTH!

They are SO excited even though they just recently discovered what a soccer ball was (I guess tie-dye soccer socks can do all kinds of things to a girl's psyche). I tried to explain about the no-touching-the-soccer-ball-with-your-hands rule, but I just got quizzical looks in return. I guess I'll leave that to the coaches.

Now I'm off to Kohl's in the mini van to get my mom jeans so I'll be all set for the first practice in a few weeks. I'm sure they will be many updates to come on our soccer misadventures this fall. Stay tuned ...

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