Monday, August 15, 2011

My New Love

I just got the kiddos' preschool teacher assignments in the mail the other day. When I opened them, my feelings oscillated between "Awww, I can't believe all four of my babies are going to school this year" to "Wahoo! When will September ever get here!?!" See, I have this love/hate relationship with summer. I look forward to it from about February to May because I am so sick of the cold and am ready for sundresses, playing outside, and vacation. But, admittedly, the allure of summer wears off right about the beginning of August. Vacations are mostly over, it's hot as blazes outside (though we are enjoying temperatures in the low 80's this week), and I am bordering on checking myself into psychotherapy with all the fights and whining I have to endure. August is THE WORST, and I am so glad that we are halfway through it!

My loathing for August and my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde relationship with summer got me thinking about other love/hate relationships in my life. Of course there are the obvious ones. Cake, french fries, Chai Tea Lattes from Starbubcks, or anything that negates the time I spend working out is high on my list. Why do I have to like bad food so much? Another one is online shopping. I love being able to shop for things online so I don't have to drag four kids along, but it can be highly addictive and also annoying if you have to return things that don't work out. Also high on the list ... the emerging independence of the little people in our house. While I love to see them taking charge and wanting to do things on their own, it can get frustrating because it takes them soooooo long to do some things. Which basically means we have to start getting ready to leave the house about 30 minutes earlier than we used to. With all the extra time it takes for four kids to "do it myself", I'm going to have to start waking up earlier in the mornings so we can be on time once school starts again!

But y'all, I have recently discovered something that has debunked all of the love/hate relationships of my past. Something that promises to bring singing songbirds and rainbows into my life. Something that I cannot believe has taken someone so long to dream up (and why wasn't I the one to create it?). My new love/love relationship is with:

Lowes Foods To Go

Now I know that they've probably had this in all the big cities and towns for a decade or so, but it is new to me and that's all that matters. Basically, it combines one of my loves (online shopping) with one of my most dreaded tasks (grocery shopping). You get to shop for your groceries online and then set a time to drive in and pick them up. They actually bring the groceries TO YOUR CAR and load them up for you. And the kicker ... it's costs freakin' $4.95!!!Are you kidding me?!?! If you read my grocery post from last week, you know how I am feeling about this discovery. I do not see how there can be anything for me to not like about this. I know that getting the hang of it could be clunky and cumbersome, but WHO CARES?? I will be sitting on my butt eating bon bons in my pajamas while I grocery shop. And then I can wear those pajamas and my slippers to the store to pick up my groceries because they will deliver them right to my car!!! For FIVE measly bucks!!!

Now does anyone think we could figure out something similar that lets me eat cake without incurring the calories? I'm all ears ...

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