Thursday, August 25, 2011


Although I've yet to introdcue the kids to pop radio (we listen to K-LOVE), they still get a taste of it sometimes. We often listen to music from my phone in the car and I have played them my workout mix just to "mix" it up a bit. Needless to say, my workout mixes don't consist of funkified versions of the ABC's or Grover singing about taking turns. Of course, they LOVE these new songs and I feel I may have started an epidemic. I don't know how healthy it is to have your 3 year old asking to hear Britney or Lady Gaga.

So, it goes without saying that since I listen to these workout songs on a daily basis, I (and subsequently, Matt) tend to hum or sing them throughout the day. And once the kids actually heard my workout mix and put two and two together, they realized I was singing the songs from the car. At this age, for some reason, they are VERY interested in what the singers are saying in the songs (which is why we have to screen songs or make up lyrics before letting them listen!). The following conversation happened the other day when Matt was cleaning up the kids from dinner.

Matt: singing Lady Gaga's Poker Face (hope he doesn't kill me for revealing that he was humming this little diddy)

Peyton: "Daddy, what are you singing?"

Matt: "Oh, just one of those workout songs."

Peyton: "But what were you saying when you were singing the song?"

Matt: "Well, the song says Poker Face."

Peyton, laughing: "Daddy, you can't poke your face!!!"

Makes me wonder what they think the lyrics are for a couple of the other songs. I think a little more Rafi and Itsy Bitsy Spider may be in our future.


  1. I look forward to hearing more of their lyrical interpretations! Jonah, my 3 year old nephew, has a fondness for Katy Perry, especially "Firework". But his favorite new word, thanks to a CD in my Mom's car, is "badonkadonk". Way to go, Mom.

  2. Firework is one of their favorites too! Something about Katy Perry and Lady Gaga ... it's scary!!