Thursday, August 11, 2011


Our most recent obsession ...


While I was initially glad they were all enjoying puzzles so much, I was also worried about how to keep up with their obsession. I mean, after you do a puzzle a few times it can get kind of mundane and boring, right?

"NOT SO!", says the child's mind.

Apparently, in toddler/preschool land, a puzzle becomes MORE fun the more times you do it. Maybe it's an exercise in confidence boosting? All I know is that I've got a bag full of new puzzles and four kids who want nothing to do with them. They'd rather play with the same original batch of puzzles that they've been playing with for the past few months instead of trying some new ones. What does this say about them ... the fact that they don't want to challenge themselves in favor of boosting their own confidence levels? I don't really know, but for now it means I get some money back!

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