Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vacation, Part I

Boring title, I know. Sorry. My mind is sapped of all creative juices right now because I am still trying to get off of vacation time and back on to real time. Did I mention that we just got back from vacation? Like, a really loooooong vacation. The kind of vacation where you realize right before you leave that you won't see your house again for a little over 3 weeks. And although the time away was fun and memory-filled, I'm glad to be back to our "normal" for a little while. Somewhere where I know where the silverware is located and where I know there will ALWAYS be a Diet Something (Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi ... I'm not partial as long as it has caffeine) to drink. So where have we been? Let's start at the beginning ...

We started our marathoncation nowhere other that Charleston, SC. We were there for the wedding of Matt and Sara and ended up tacking another week's vacation onto the wedding festivities. The wedding was gorgeous. Perfect weather, beautiful bride, and a fun celebration.

Daddy caught a sweet moment here. Though I know they will deny it ever happening in a few years when I show them the photo and they will run screaming in opposite directions because of the cooties.

Pre-wedding entertainment included a bug searching safari ...

The ceremony at Patriot's Point, breathtaking!

As should be expected, the kids' favorite part of the night was the reception. They led off the dancing during the cocktail hour and got everyone in the mood to boogie.

They also looked forward to the wedding cake. So much so that Peyton stuck her finger in the icing well before the cutting of the cake. And this was no delicate "stick" either. She stabbed that index finger where the sun don't shine. I'm pretty sure the cake was appropriately violated by her actions. Luckily she hit the backside of the cake, so it was not captured forever in the cake cutting photos. Is it normal for kids to be so obsessed with cake that they will hurdle all social boundaries just to get a lick of icing?

It really was a fun night and we kicked off our beach vacation in true style with this wedding. Congratulations to Matt and Sara, we couldn't be happier for the two of you!

Waves, sun, and all things sandy coming soon!

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