Thursday, July 28, 2011

Phone Pic Dump

I'm like most other moms on the planet in that I never have my camera on me when I need to take a picture. Therefore, I usually rely on my phone to take pictures in a pinch. Usually I'm taking a picture of something I find hilarious (so I can send it to friends and family) or a cute picture of the kids. I downloaded a bunch of them recently and thought I would share.

Warning: These picture are in no order and there is no cohesiveness between them. Such is my state of mind today (and most of the past week, in fact).

Here are some shots from when I was obsessed with the Colorsplash app on my phone. I'm guessing they have apps for everything these days but this one fed my obsessions for a good month or so.

Our children's museum has a grocery store section complete with tiny grocery carts that the kids can "shop" with. Here's Sam's cart once he was done shopping ...

Yup. Three links (more like loaves, they were the size and length of my lower arm) of sausage and every single pastry, tart, and dessert from the bakery aisle. Oh, and he threw in a piece of bread and a can of vegetables just to round out the food groups. After seeing this I no longer had any doubts that he is his father's son. Meats and sweets, baby.

Seen while I was in the drive-thru ...

I'm curious about how exactly this would work (small biscuit with overly large breast of chicken inside), but don't think that's gonna stop me from asking about it.

I love Target. I love going there late at night without kids so I can roam the aisles and fill my cart with things like overly large and colorful plastic tubs (because WHO KNOWS when I may need one, they're so versatile) or ceramic piggy banks in every color and design imaginable (it's never too early to teach kids the value of a dollar). But what I think I love the most about Target is the dollar section. I hit that section like a junkie looking for a fix as soon as I enter the store and usually come away with some good items. But one trip, I came across something that shamed me. Something that made me question my loyalty to Target. Something that made me wonder just what kind of establishment are they running here?

Don't second guess yourself - it's fake poop. And even worse ... it's crappy (pun intended) fake poop because it's in the dollar section! C'mon Target! If I'm actually gonna spring for some fake poop then I'm going to spend a few bucks to make sure it at least looks realistic! (Actually I would never spring for fake poop because I have a preponderance of the real thing in my house. Don't cross mama or you may have some coming your way one day ...)

Luke is constantly in motion so he often tends to get photographed with the phone. Here he is about to jump the rail enjoying the view at the beach.

And here he is prepping for his first motorcycle ride.

RELAX. What kind of parents do you think we are? We only let him drive around the block once or twice.

The self-portraits are constant now. This one (by Adah) was my favorite because it came complete with a bow.

And finally, here's a shot of our recent trip to the fire station. But my kids didn't want their picture taken in front of the firetruck. Because that would be normal. Nope, my kids wanted their picture in front of this ...

The EMS truck (AKA, the "andulance"). Yeah, my kids like dull, boring, boxy white vehicles (they LOVE the mail truck) as opposed to the ones with all the fun bells and whistles. But on the bright side, that probably easily predicts their future automobile desires. I'll have the only teenagers on the block begging for a Buick sedan as opposed to an SUV.

There's my phone picture dump for today! Does anyone else ever capture some funny and crazy images on their phone? Have you ever let your kids take pictures with your phone? I'm thinking my kids would come back with lots of pictures of the ground and views up their nostrils.

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