Monday, March 21, 2011

Singing in Church

A few weekends ago Peyton, Sam and Adah's preschool was invited to participate in Preschool Sunday at the church where their preschool is held. They had a lot of fun going to "big church" and getting to sing some songs for all the adults.

The girls were really into it from the start.

 Sam, on the other hand, decided to sit in the corner.

Finally, he decided to stand up ...

And immediately began to disrobe.

I was pretty sure that little boy nudity wasn't part of the church program, so we got him to stop before he managed to get the shirt over his head.

Finally, everyone relaxed and started to sing. They even did the hand motions!

Adah really got into the motions for the last song.

The sweet members of Messiah Moravian Church gave the children a wonderful reception after the service complete with chicken nuggets and cake! We love the kiddos' preschool so it was a lot of fun to visit with and give back to the members of the church where they go to school every week. And who knows, maybe we have a few budding singers (or chippendale dancers) in our house!

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