Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bubble Time

The weather has been so nice lately and the kids and I have been enjoying a lot of time outside. I can't wait for spring so we can spend most of our days in the yard. Being outside means we have opened up the garage and all the outside toys that we store inside. It's funny to see them rediscover all their old outside toys. Rotating toys is a great way to make old things seem new without having to spend any money!

Surprisingly, the hit toy so far had been bubbles. When we head out I usually fill up their little bubble containers and let them have at it. Peyton, Sam and Adah have almost grasped the concept and they can even manage to blow a few bubbles now and then. And then there's the little man. Poor Luke tries and tries, but he just can't manage to form any bubbles. He gets the concept, his little lips just can't do it yet. I love his perseverance though. Hopefully it will follow him throughout his life (and in more things than blowing bubbles!)

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