Thursday, March 10, 2011


A little background first ...

When we started teaching the kiddos their letters, we got into a habit of saying a name of something after the letter we were identifying. You know, B for ball, C for cat, that sort of thing. We always told them their name whenever we came across their letter (A for Adah, P for Peyton ...). This has actually caused them to become possessive of "their" letters (for example, Sam is NOT allowed to say he sees a P for Peyton because that is HER letter!), but that's another post for another day. I knew I was going to have to deal with sharing issues, but with letters? Anyway ...

We have some of those foam letters that everyone has in the bathtub for their kids. Matt (who bathes the kiddos) usually sits and talks with them while they're playing in the tub. Here's how one of their recent conversations went.

Matt: "Adah, what's this letter?" (holding up a B)
Adah: "That's B!"
Matt: "Right, B for bath. Now, what's this one?" (holding up the A)
Adah: "That's A-fer!"
Matt: "What? This is an A."
Adah: "No, it's an A-fer.  It's A-fer Adah!"

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