Monday, December 20, 2010

Letters to My Birthday Babies - Samuel

Dear Muscle Man,

Oh Sammy, where do I start? You are such a sweet, perceptive boy, and you have been since you were born. The "middle child" of the group, you were the biggest and healthiest of the three of you when you were born. All of the nurses in the NICU loved your handsome little face just as much as we did.

You grew so much the first year we had you home. You were definitely the most laid back baby and you often had to wait while the girls ate because you were the only one patient enough to do so! You were the first to find your thumb and you used it quite frequently.

Sammy, you definitely have a kind and gentle heart. You love Mommy, Daddy, and your brother and sisters. You are my cuddliest baby and you love to gets hugs and kisses from anyone who will dish them out to you! You have always scared fairly easily, but once you are reassured that everything is ok, you calm down and are fine.

You are definitely the clown of the group. You love to make people laugh and you have recently started using funny voices and jokes to try and get others to laugh with you. You are the first one to give a hug and you have a smile that brightens my day.

Sammy, you love music and frequently have requests in the car as to which CD or music you want to listen to. You enjoy art and making things with your hands as well. You LOVE tools and always help Daddy when he is using them around the house. I'm hoping you'll end up handy so you can continue to help Daddy around the house as you get older. You also love to eat! You are usually the most willing to try new and different foods.

You are such a great big brother to Luke and you both have grown closer now that you share a room together. I love to hear you two laugh and giggle in the mornings before we come to get you out of bed. You already have Luke laughing at your jokes!

Sam, you are such an affectionate, caring, and curious boy. I cannot wait to see the boy (and man!) that you grow into. Mommy loves you so much and I can't imagine our family without you in it. You are going to do many great things in your lifetime and I cannot wait to cheer you on from the sidelines. Stay kind and gentle my sweet boy, those qualities are hard to find these days.

I love you more and more every day Sam-Sam. Happy Birthday!


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