Monday, December 20, 2010

Letters to My Birthday Babies - Adah

Dear Adah Bear,

Hey there sweet baby girl. If your blue eyes and blond curls don't make everyone melt then they must have a heart of stone. You are the baby of my triplet babies, the last one to be born. Even when you were in my tummy I could tell that you were going to be special and have a mind of your own. Your independence has shown through from the day you were born and it continues to grow stronger with each year that passes.

Your first year went so fast, it's all I can do to remember it all. You were the first to do everything physically - sit, crawl, walk, you were always the first to accomplish all of them. You are definitely the little athlete of the family. You tended to be a spectator first before you joined in a new and unfamiliar situation. At first, you would let Sam and Peyton do all the talking, but you soon let them know that you had a voice of your own and you were not afraid to use it!

Adah, I think both your Daddy and I would agree that you give the best hugs of anyone around. You are very empathetic and concerned about others' feelings and desires. You have become very open and accepting of new people and situations and you are very friendly with everyone you meet.

You have the most beautiful curls ... I hope they stay! I guess all things come to those who wait because we had to wait a looooooong time for those lovely locks to come in (see picture below)!

You are a very tough little girl, it takes a lot to make you cry. But you are also sensitive about certain things. As I said before, your empathy for others is endless. Although you still have to work on your sharing (like ALL 3 year olds do), you are always the first to willingly share your toys and books with your brothers and sister.

You play very well by yourself (that's the independence shining though, I think) and you absolutely love to read. I think I could lock you in a room for hours and if you just had some books you wouldn't complain a bit. We often say that you would be the perfect only child! But you have learned to adapt and you fit right in with the mayhem that is our household.

Adah Bear, you are such a unique, beautiful, and sweet blessing to our lives. Please keep the childish innocence that you so often display for as long as you can. Mommy loves every part of you and she can't wait to see the beautiful woman that you will one day become.

Happy Birthday baby girl! You will always be my triplet "baby."


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