Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's My Party

As all birthdays tend to go around here, this was a multi-day event. I think because it's the holidays, everyone is just in the mood for lengthy celebrations. We had a pretty low-key day on the triplets' actual birthday. We spent time opening and playing with presents and eating lots of sweets.

New "bikes!"

Luke got a musical card too, so he felt loved.

Cupcake time!

Wednesday we headed down to Charlotte to celebrate with family. On the way down we stopped at Discovery Place Kids. This place just opened in Huntersville and it is awesome. We were already members of Discovery Place in Charlotte, but this facility is geared just for children 7 years old and under. They had so many great exhibits and activities.

My personal favorite was the water tables. These were super cool because they had built in seats in the middle of the table that the kids could sit in while they played. They were literally surrounded by water.

Luke had to take a break in the middle of all the fun.

They had a great stage and dress-up area. We took in a puppet show and then tried on some costumes of our own.

I just had to add this picture of Luke riding on the dolphin. I never thought someone could be so euphoric over plastic marine life.

Peyton hanging out on the airplane...

Adah tackling the rock wall...

After a fun morning we headed down to Charlotte to hang out with family. We also took some time to wander around town and take in all the city lights. We went by the Ritz-Carlton to see their life size gingerbread house. It was amazing! The kitchen staff at the Ritz made it and it was all completely edible.

Finally it was time for birthday dinner, more presents, and cake! We had a great time and the cake was delicious (thanks Edible Art)!

Overall, it was a fun-filled, exhausting last 48 hours. Having a birthday so close to Christmas is utter chaos! I think we'll just spend the next few days laying low and recharging for Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Thanks for including Discovery Place KIDS! We are thrilled you got to visit.

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