Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

August in the Clifford house is traditionally a very busy month. It's Matt's busiest time at work and we are all winding down from summer and getting ready to head back to preschool. But we have been trying to sneak a little bit of fun in there when we have the time. This past weekend we headed out to a minor league baseball game. The triplets had been to one before, but it was too long ago for them to remember it. It was Luke's first time and everyone seemed to have fun.

Now the key to taking very young children to sporting events is to have somewhere they can run around and be active. Let's face it ... trying to take all four of them to a game and get them to sit in seats would be an absolute nightmare and utterly impossible. In reality, the baseball game is just background noise to them that they happen to look at every couple minutes or so. What they're really interested in is everything going on around them - the cotton candy sellers, the jumbo tron, the kid area with bounce houses that they can see in right field ... anything but the actual game. Luckily, we went with a large group and got to watch the game on a sectioned off and covered patio. This was great because it gave the kids plenty of room to run around and they didn't have to sit still in a seat.

Overall, they all four did great! They got some hats to wear so they would feel like real baseball players. We picked out all the colors on the players' uniforms and we watched in amazement for the advertising on the left field wall to magically change pictures every couple of minutes. We ate hot dogs and chips (but no cracker jacks!) and tried to drink lots of water because it was H.O.T.! We had a great time and the kids keep asking to go back every day! I can't wait to take them to some basketball and football games in the fall, I think they will have a really great time.

Here are a couple pictures of the game. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so these were taken with my phone. I apologize for the quality!

Eating hot dogs during the game ...

Our favorite activity of the night ... eating ice. I told you it was hot!

Luke is menacingly saying, "Nobody better come anywhere near MY ice!"

Peyton hydrating on the way to the car ...

Adah enjoying a last look at the game before we head home.

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