Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cat Fight

Lots of people ask me if Sam picks on or bullies his sisters. I guess they figure since he is a boy and a couple inches taller than the girls, he would have the upper hand.

How wrong they are.

Here's some photographic evidence of the aftermath of Sam's latest attempt to pick on his sister.

He may have a height and weight advantage, but he underestimated a girl's secret weapon ...


As in finger nails. That's right folks, a genuine cat fight. I'm hoping we won't have many more of these in our future, but I think that hope is futile. Of course this happened on the day before we attend preschool open house. I just hope the teachers don't run screaming from the room when we come in. Anyone have any good ideas for how to respond when they ask what happened to Sam's face? Anything has to sound better than, "His sister brutally clawed his face when he tried to push her."

Excuse me while I go apply more Neosporin to Sam's face (while simultaneously nursing his bruised ego).

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