Sunday, August 29, 2010

Picture of the Week - August 29

I wanted to try and start a tradition of capturing and posting a "picture of the week" on this blog. I want this picture to simply be a moment or emotion that I want to remember from the week. Something that made me or someone in my family feel something significant, a facial expression I don't want to forget, or an image I want to remember forever. The images don't necessarily have to be monumental, they just have to elicit emotions and memories that I don't want to forget.

Peyton wants to give you a flower. She picked it all by herself (which is the way she likes to do things these days).


  1. Hi - Just found your blog on MOM. I also have triplets who were almost 2 when my new baby was born. It's a whirlwind, isn't it? Anyway, just saying Hi, and I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

  2. Thanks Debbie! Only you can truly understand what we go through day to day! Sometimes I just have to give up and laugh. I'll check out your blog as well and thanks for reading!