Monday, November 16, 2009

Brotherly Love and Tea Parties

Here are a few more recent pictures. Sam is really into "holding" his brother right now, so of course I wanted to take a picture to document the time when he actually wants to be affectionate towards one of his siblings (I know this won't last). Unfortunately, the only one I managed to snap has Sam looking like he's about to choke Luke and Luke with a very "worried that I'm about to be strangled" look upon his face. Oh well, I tried.

Luke reached some big milestones last week. He turned 6 months old and can now sit by himself! Here he is enjoying a story. Books are so much more fun when you can actually SEE the pictures.

Sam is now really into hats and his Nike wristbands (which are more like full arm bands for him because his wrists are too small). He wouldn't wear them when we bought them a couple weeks ago for his Halloween costume, but now he won't take them off. He definitely wore one to the store the other day as well. That's ok though ... I can accommodate a wristband fetish because they're pretty cheap. This picture also makes me sad because he looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore.

The girls' new favorite past time is sitting at the dining room table and drinking their juice. I think they are preparing for future tea parties. We'll just stick with the plastic cups for now and hold off on the breakables for a few more (or 15) years.

Here's Dame Adah having a spot of tea.

And here's Countess Peyton having some tea with her new best friend (at least for the day), the Snowman. Yes, I know it's a Christmas gift tag snowman, but remember that this girl lives in Florida and has never seen snow so don't spoil her moment here.

And in other breaking news ... the Cliffords are moving to North Carolina! We are so excited! Dad got a new job at Wake Forest University and we will be moving to Winston-Salem in January. We're sad to leave Jacksonville and my family, but happy that we will be near Matt's family in Charlotte. So bring on the boxes and the moving van because we're ready. North Carolina, here we come!

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  1. Wahooo!! We are so excited!! Uncle John thinks that he will never see his wife again...probably true:)
    You are doing such a great job with this blog, you need to write a book someday soon! love you!