Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

We had a great Halloween this year! It was 88 degrees and felt nothing like fall, but we've gotten accustomed to that here in Florida. We started the day off with pumpkin carving with Dad. Everyone had fun getting their hands dirty and apparently we didn't learn much from our pumpkin tasting experiment at the pumpkin patch as Adah and Peyton both decided to sample the pumpkin seeds and strings of goo (I'm not sure what else to call this stuff).

Adah posing with the finished product. Apparently she thought something about this was extremely funny. I didn't get the joke.

Luke with the finished product. He was just happy being outside and watching. Though I do think he would have enjoyed getting all sticky and "gwoss", as Peyton said.

Later that night (after the FL/GA game, of course), we went trick or treating. We had the perfect costumes this year being that we went out to trick or treat on the heels of a Gator victory! Sorry Uncle John.

Here is Tim Tebow in all his glory. He's signaling for one of the 4 TDs he scored against Georgia. Can you believe this kid is is 6-3 and weighs 245 lbs?? These pictures are deceiving.

Adah loves the Gator on her outfit.

Here's everyone before the Halloween party and parade at school.

Daddy with Peyton and Sam at the Halloween carnival. Notice how man enough Tim Tebow is to carry around a heart wand at the carnival. Only a real man can do that and not feel ashamed.

And here's Luke in his lobster costume. I know it doesn't really go with the cheerleaders and Tim Tebow, but this costume was too cute to pass up. Someone suggested I walk around with him in a big stock pot as a prop. At first I thought it was cute, but then I came to my senses and concluded it would be 1) impossible for me to carry him for more than 10 seconds considering his weight plus that of the stock pot, and 2) a little creepy because I would be insinuating that I wanted to boil my baby. So we went with the good old stroller instead.

Luke wasn't a fan of his lobster antennae things, so here he is pleading with me to take him out of his costume NOW!

We made it to about 10 houses to trick or treat and everyone did great. They learned how to say, "trick or treat", and (most of the time) say thank you for all the candy. Adah did try and enter a couple homes when they opened the door, but other than that we had a successful night. Now it's up to Mom and Dad (I mean, Peyton Adah and Sam) to eat all that Halloween candy!

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