Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Thoughts for Tuesday

You never realize how many places sand can hide on the human body until you spend a week at the beach with four small children. One week later and there is STILL sand in the tub after every bath.

The triplets are at the stage where they are having the occaisional bad dream at night. Typical for their age, but the subjects of their dreams sometimes stump me. Last week Adah had a nightmare about chiggers. Yes, the bugs. She woke up in the middle of the night convinced that they were all over her and in her bed. Apparently we skipped the boogie monster and have moved right on to blood sucking parasites. I guess leeches are next.

Do kids get headaches? I'm just wondering because they never complain about their heads hurting. I get headaches fairly often, so I was just curious. Maybe headaches just come with age ... or with having lots of children.

Why does the shampoo ALWAYS run out faster than the conditioner? If I buy an equal-sized bottle of each at the same time, the shampoo always runs outt way fater than the conditioner. And I swear I use exactly one pump of each EVERY TIME.

I wear more sweatshirts in the summer that I do in the winter. We keep our house pretty cool in the summer (in order to make sure the upstairs stays a comfortable temperature), so I tend to have to wear jackets and sweatshirts in the house to warm up. I have to admit that I feel kinda funny when I step outside in 90 degrees to get the mail with my sweats on. And I think the neighbors think I'm a bit odd too.

It took me a years and a half to finally get my NC driver's license. While I must admit that part of the delay was due to pure laziness, it was more because I had to re-take the written driver's test to get the license. Like the same test that you take when you turn 16 to get your license! I was so nervous about studying that it took me 18 months to get the courage up to take it. And now I will never forget that a blind pedestrian always has the right-of-way at an intersection where the movement of traffic is not regulated by a traffic officer or traffic control signals.

McDonalds just rolled out the new Rolo McFlurry. I will be trying one very soon. Ice cream + Chocolate + caramel = YES, please!

And while we're on the subject of food, shave ice is awesome. And it is shave ice, not shaveD ice for all you novices out there. This ain't your ordinary sno cone, it is soooo much better. Gotta get my fill in the summer while I can.

Enough randomness from me today, have a great Tuesday!

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