Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's finally here.

I must admit, I've been waiting for this for the past few years. From the first time the triplets picked up a crayon in their chubby little fingers I have been waiting. For what, you ask? Budding creativity in the form of crayon houses and rainbows? For the first time they write their names by themselves? For the day they realize that crayons really don't taste that good?


I've been waiting for the portrait.

Today, Peyton obliged my wildest fantasy. According to her, this is a picture of me ...

I have no idea why all children do this. Why they first draw people with only a head and disproportionately long appendages. At first, it kinda makes you wonder if you really DO look that bad. Is my right eye really bigger than my left? Is that the biggest smile I've been able to muster since they woke up this morning? Am I suffering from alopecia?

But then, you could also look at it from the glass half full perspective. Man do I have some skinny legs! And girl, they are looooooooong! I could give Ana Hickman a run for her money with those stems. And look how there's no stubble on those legs. You'd think I wouldn't have time to shave my legs with four kids, but no, I'm Supermom! Able to shave legs and make grilled cheese sandwiches in a single bound! And being that I only consist of a head and four spindly appendages, I'd guess I can't weigh more than 30 pounds, right? Nothing like a little preschool art to help you drop 100+ pounds!

This picture is now hanging proudly on our refrigerator and I'm going to be hard pressed to take it down any time soon. Peyton did draw some cups of juice in my hands after I took this picture (which makes we wonder if she sees me more as a mom or an automatic juice dispenser) to add some "decoration" (her word, not mine). Either way, I will always cherish the first portrait. I just need to make sure we work on things like hair and noses from now on. She can save the body and the 100+ extra pounds until a little later on!


  1. It's lovely! What are the two lines floating off to your left?