Thursday, June 9, 2011


Disclaimer: You should know that, even though we live in the middle of Tarheel country, we have and always will be big Florida Gator fans. As far as I'm concerned, these North Carolinians know absolutely nothing about real college football. Sorry NC friends.

While riding in the car one day we got talking about balls. Sports balls, ok? This is a PG rated blog. I was asking the kids abut what color each ball was and they were trying to remember the answers.

Me: "Sam, what color is a baseball?"

Sam: "Ummmmm, white and red!"

Me: "Good! Adah, what color is a basketball?"

Adah: "I bounce the basketball!" (Says our resident space cadet)

Me: "Right. But what color is it?"

Adah: "Orange!"

Don't ask me why they feel it's necessary to answer such boring questions with unreserved gusto.

Me: "Ok Peyton, what color is a football?"

Peyton: "Ummmmm. I don't know."

Me: "Yes you do. Remember, we throw the football in the backyard and watch them score touchdowns on TV?"

Peyton: "Oh, I know! It's orange and blue!"

That's my Gator girl!

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