Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin'

We spent some time last weekend going to pick the perfect pumpkin. Everyone got to pick out one of their own and there were a lot of hard decisions to make. Of course, once all the picking was done, I realized we had no money to pay for them! So there were few dry eyes in the van when we had to leave with no pumpkins. Luckily, we went back the next day and got to go through the whole process again (in surprisingly quicker fashion than the day before. I guess the novelty had worn off). So now we have a cute little family of pumpkins on our porch ready to welcome fall. The kids are counting the days until Halloween and are really excited to trick or treat!

Here are a few pictures of the pumpkin patch extravaganza (before the tears).

Our attempt at a group picture (we're still delusional that we can get one of these).
"Hey guys! Look at Mommy!"

"Adah, look up!"

"Now Peyton and Sam look at me!"

The only one where everyone was looking somewhere near the camera.

And the pumpkin selection process begins ...

Sam turned this one down because it had "caterpillars" on it. Poor unloved pumpkin.

Waiting to make our purchase (that didn't really happen until the next day ... oops).

Fortunately, the pumpkin patch was right next to a park, so a quick trip over there quickly quelled the rising "lack of a pumpkin" tantrum. I wish all things in life were as easy to forgive with something as simple as a trip to the park!

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