Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is It Just Me?

One of the blogs I frequent, Triad Moms on Main, has done this type of blog before. Basically, it's a fun way to let you in on some of the random and non-essential facts about my life. Very random, but fun to compose. Hope you enjoy!

Is it just me who ...

... rarely showers before 3pm most days?
... checks the mail box at least 5 times a day when I know the mail never comes before 4pm?
... tells my kids that something just "needs new batteries" when it is beyond repair? And then throws it away when they aren't looking?
... eats more fruit snacks than my kids?
... has a toddler whose favorite song is "Boom Boom Boom" by the Black-Eyed Peas?
... has a son who already knows how to use the touch screen on my iphone? And he's not even three years old!
... steals bites of my kids' grilled cheese sandwiches (and their mac and cheese) when they aren't looking?
... tries to convince my kids every day that cheese sticks would be a great snack to have, just so I can have some too? (Ok, so apparently I like cheese.)
... hides Christmas presents and and forgets about them until a couple months after Christmas?
... exercises just so I can eat more?
... one day wants to own and operate a Bed and Breakfast?
... still sleeps in a Queen bed? I feel like everyone has a King these days! What can I say, we like to snuggle (feel free to gag).
... wishes I knew more about interior design?
... wishes I knew more about flowers and gardening?
... secretly wants to own a pick-up truck?
... has a dog that barks, runs and wags his tail in his sleep?
... lets my kids eat food that has fallen on the ground as long as there isn't any noticeable dirt or hair on it?
... is creeped out by hair in showers and bathroom sinks? Gross.
... misses being pregnant?
... cannot go for more than 3 hours without eating something?
... has children who proudly tell the checkout girl at Harris Teeter that they "go poop in the potty just like Mommy?"
... has a 30 pound 17 month old whose first ten words all related to food (all done, more, pizza, bite, apple, juice, milk, Elmo (his fork has Elmo on it), oh's (Cheerios), and meatball - yes, he says meatball)? Wonder why he's 30 pounds??
 ... already knows what I want as my last meal before I die?
... loves Chinese food, but never eats it? I kinda want some sesame chicken now.
... really wants to take a photography class?
... has children who won't eat hamburger unless it is in the shape of a meatball?
... may have a complete and total mental breakdown when my kids outgrow their afternoon nap?
... cannot leave Target without spending at least $50?
... can tell you the nutritional information for pretty much any food I eat? Doesn't stop me from eating the bad stuff though. That's where the exercise comes in, right?
... Can't think of any more to write at this time?

Totally random I know, but fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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