Wednesday, September 8, 2010


With how many pictures I take, outtakes are inevitable. I am of the philosophy that the more pictures you take, the more chances you have to get some good ones. I used to delete these pictures, but now I've started to laugh at them and save them. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that didn't turn out as planned. Here are a few of the PALS best outtakes from the last year or so.

Drool. It ruined many a picture of mine over the last couple of years. Luckily we have passed out of drool stage, but there was a time when it literally marred every one of my pictures.

For some reason Sam always finds the most out of place thing in any situation and manages to turn it into something phallic. I am attributing this to the "boy humor" he will be sure to have in the future that concerns all things bathroom-related (why are all boys like this?).

There's something about my kids and food that just screams outtake. Here they are about to take out their dad while trying to get at their birthday cake. Notice the looks of surprise on the faces of the those in the background (whether it's shock at the kids' super-human strength in almost pushing their dad over or from surprise at their appalling behavior, we'll never know).

Apparently we need to teach them (mostly Peyton) better table manners as well.

Just say no to ... you know the age-old joke.

This is what happens when one of my kids gets out of line (kidding, kidding). I swear this was the result of a legit fall outside.


Of course, most outtakes really don't have any logical explanation. They are what they are.

So next time you take what you think is a "bad" picture, make sure not to delete it so quickly. You'll probably find that those are the pictures you look back on and laugh at the most!

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