Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jackets, Picnics, and a Clean Car

Aren't lazy weekends sometimes the most fun ones of all? We definitely had one of those this past weekend. Nothing of much substance going on (besides football, of course), but it was so fun just hanging out, playing, and relaxing together with our family.

As has been customary lately, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It still gets pretty warm once the afternoons roll around, but since there is no humidity it's not bad at all. And the mornings ... oh the mornings!! My husband and I fight over who gets to walk outside to get the paper every morning so we can just stand out there for a while and enjoy the cool air. We spent Saturday morning outside and enjoyed the great weather. There is nothing better than sitting outside in your sweatpants, drinking a cup of coffee, reading the paper, and watching your kids run around and play. We could have stayed out there for hours ... well, I guess we did! Fall is definitely my favorite season. I can't wait for the apple festivals, pumpkin picking, tailgating in the cool weather ... everything about it is fabulous (I don't use that word much, but there is nothing else to describe it!).

Here's some evidence of the cooler weather (notice the jackets!)

Peyton working on her Strong Woman title she is preparing to defend next month ...

I think we ate more meals outside than inside this weekend!

Sine we couldn't get enough of the great outdoors, we decided a picnic was in order as well. Next thing you know we'll be living out of a camper trying to set the world record for consecutive hikes up and down the Appalachian trail. OK, maybe we're not that crunchy, but we did have our fair share of granola going on this weekend.

Of course, we were never too far removed from civilization. What you fail to see just to the right of the picture above is our new friend that we must take everywhere, even on a picnic in the great outdoors. Here, I'll show you the same picture from a different angle.

There he is!! Our friend the potty. Good thing he is nice and portable and has an easy-to-empty feature. I am hoping that dumping his contents into the dirt doesn't teach the kids any bad habits (it was just #1, so relax). Plus, I always kinda enjoy having the potty along for myself ... you know, just in case. It gives me an added piece of mind. I haven't had to use it yet, but I definitely would if needed. I have been caught in way too many situations in my life where I needed a potty and there was none to be found, so believe me that I would use it in a heartbeat if the situation necessitated it!

Sunday rolled around with some more gorgeous weather and after church we again decided to take advantage. I gladly accepted my husband's offer for some free slave labor help to wash my car. The kids were more than happy to don their bathing suits and help out. Sure, they may have only washed one square foot of car between the four of them, but that was one square foot less that Matt had to wash.

All the cars ended up getting a good scrubbing including the mini-Mercedes and the Cozy Coupe. Sam took a lot of pride in the job he did on "his" cars.

Sam also helped Matt wash the roof of the van. Don't worry, I was dancing around the edge of the car as he was up there acting as his spotter. I mainly wanted to add this picture because of the background. Do you see the tree behind Sam in the picture? See what color the leaves are?

That's right folks, those are some RED leaves! I am so excited to live where the leaves change! Not looking forward to raking them up so much, but I think the prettiness will make up for it. Can't you just smell the pumpkin spices and hear the crunching leaves right now? OK, I'm a freak about the fall stuff, but just let this Florida girl have her moment please.

Of course we finished up the evening with a little dinner outside and then we paid our slaves little helpers in the only way they see monetarily fit at their age ...

Needless to say, they were happy with their compensation!

Hope your weekend was as FABULOUS as ours!

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