Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Water World

It has been extremely HOT here in NC lately. I thought we were escaping this type of heat when we moved from Florida, but I guess not. I wasn't naive enough to think it wouldn't get a little toasty up here, but several consecutive days in the 90s have wilted my once hopeful dreams of a summer spent in the low to mid-80s while sitting in the sun (and not sweating ... well, at least not much).

So, what do you do with 4 kids when they turn red as beets after 10 minutes spent playing outside? Bring out the waterworks, of course. We don't have a pool, but apparently a hose, buckets, measuring cups, and paint brushes also provide hours of endless fun for my kids. They literally had a blast for over an hour just filling, refilling, and "painting" with water. The best part was that I got to watch them wear themselves out while I sat in the "cool" 85 degree shade.

See? I was serious when I said it was just a bucket and some cups. Total bliss. I tried to break out the sprinkler, but this was all the action it got.

The triplets' preference was to just keep doing this ...

And this (which is why I had to refill the tub every 10 minutes or so) ...

What a great way to beat the heat! At the end of it all I had four tired, hungry kids who did not want to come back inside. So bring on the heat, summer. We'll just beat you into submission with a garden hose until you back those temps down into the 80s again!

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