Tuesday, June 25, 2013


While riding in the car with Bogey (the PALS' grandpa), the kids got into a discussion about dogs and what dogs we owned as kids ...

Adah: "Mom, what was the name of your dog when you were a little girl?"

Me: "Well, his name was Barney. Daddy had a dog too. Ask him what her name was."

Sam: "What was her name Dad?"

Matt: "Her name was Candy."

Lots of laughs because apparently that is an hilarious name.

Peyton: "Bogey, did you have a dog?"

Bogey: "Yes, I had a few dogs."

Peyton: "What kind of dogs were they? What were their names?"

Bogey: "Well, one of them was a toy poodle."


Peyton: "Uh, Bogey? We're talking about real dogs, not your toys."

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