Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last Day

The kids had their last day of school last week and I made them take their obligatory last day photos. So far, they still enjoy doing it. I'm wondering when I will have to resort to bribery and when I will capture my first O-M-G-Mom-will-you-stop-with-the-picture-taking eye roll. My bets for the eye rolling are on age nine.

Peyton on the first and last days of this year:

She definitely looks older to me. And there's something different about her face, specifically her forehead ... hmmmmmm.

Adah on the first and last days:

She's always such a ham in these pictures. I had to cut out the ones where she was sticking her belly out so it would "look like a baby was in there." That hair keeps growing too and I'm still scared to cut it. I just get 80's bad perm images running through my mind when I think about it. I'm also afraid a lot of the curl will be gone if I cut it too.

Sam on the first and last days:

Sam may be the winner this year when it comes to who looks like they've grown up the most. He's a bona fide big kid now. And I can't get enough of those freckles that are starting to appear on his nose and cheeks. I'm thinking there will be a lot more sprinkled across there once summer comes to an end.

Luke on the first and last days:

Looking at Luke's pictures, I think it may be a toss up between he and Sam for who has grown and aged the most. He is all little boy now without a hint of baby anymore (except for some epic tantrums ... man can he throw one).

So what do you think? Who looks like they've grown the most in the past year?

(Luke says, "I think it's me. I'm thiiiiiiiiiiis big now!")


  1. That's a tough one!! They're all really growing up...way too fast, but I think my vote goes to Luke.

  2. Luke looks like he's changed the most to me. They're all precious!