Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Thoughts For A New Year

Stream of consciousness, bullet style ... here we go.

  • Adah has developed a southern accent. I know we live in the south and this shouldn't be weird. However, it IS weird because she has developed an extremely exaggerated form of a southern accent and she is completely doing it ON PURPOSE. She'll be talking normally and then she's all, "Hey Ma, whuch ya doin' over they-are?" And I'm wondering if I turned on old reruns of the Andy Griffith show for a few moments until I realize that it's her speaking. It's at completely random times too (which is kinda Adah's M.O., the randomness part of it), so it always throws me for a loop.
  • We are in the process of choosing an elementary school for the triplets next year and it is completely consuming me. Too much so, in fact. I almost wish that we didn't have a choice and we just had to send them to a set place. Don't get me wrong, I like that we get to choose, but it's driving me bonkers. I'll be glad once it's decided.
  • Luke asks me daily to smell his body in various places. Sometimes it makes sense (smell his mouth after he brushes his teeth to see if it smells clean, smell hands after washing them, etc.), but some are completely odd. I drew the line yesterday when he wanted me to smell his feet. I also drew the line when he wanted me to smell his booty because he has just recently learned to pass gas on demand. The boys think it's hilarious (and by that I mean ALL the boys in the house), I do not.
  • My kids are obsessed with tape. They spend hours every day making things out of paper, scissors, and tape. This morning before school they had all cut out and taped together karate belts and karate badges (?) to wear. They then proceeded to tape the belts and badges to their clothes with 567 pieces of tape. They don't really get the "less is more" concept. We had  a tutorial the other day about how it IS physically possible to hang a picture on the wall with just TWO pieces of tape. This was after I had to hand peel twelve pictures off the hallway walls the other day that were perma-sealed to the paint with an entire roll of tape per picture. The ten rolls that Santa brought are already gone. This year it would serve you well to buy stock in Scotch Brand.
  • I finally made this banana ice cream for the kids the other day and it was awesome! You need to try it. I have been eying it for a while and when one of my friends (thanks Michelle!) made it and said it was good, I had to try it. Awesome and the easiest thing ever.
  • Today I am going to wear my slippers to school to pick up the kids. I have probably been wanting to do this for about three months but I always chicken out because I'm petrified that the one day I do it I will have to get out of my car for some reason. I really don't want to be that lady with four kids standing on the side of the road when her car battery dies, so I'm crossing my fingers that this will be an uneventful trip. Pray for me.

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