Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Days of Advent

We're back from Christmas vacation and it's time to get some memories down before I forget them! Let's back up to the several days before Christmas so I can recount how we celebrated the last few days of Advent.

The last few days of Advent we just tried to lay low and do things together as a family. We went for our traditional drive around town to see Christmas lights. It was pouring, but we were able to make out the lights anyway. The kids liked the lights as well, but only after they polished off strawberry milkshakes that we let them enjoy during the ride! We also enjoyed watching some of our favorite Christmas movies like the Polar Express and the Grinch (the latter of which we enjoyed with hot chocolate!).

We also had an early Christmas with Mimi filled with a trip to the park, baking cookies, and a special birthday celebration.

The kids made some special cookies to leave for Santa and delivered some goodies to our wonderful neighbors as well. We continued our Christmas Eve tradition of family church service, followed by our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of making our own pizzas. The toppings were flying this year as we added all sorts of fun things to our creations.

We had such a great Advent season leading up to Christmas and Jesus' birthday. We upheld many of our old traditions and added a few new ones into the mix as well. Next year we hope to add even more service activities and acts of kindness as the kids grow and get older. More Christmas to come!

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