Friday, November 2, 2012


Words have been failing me lately. I'm blaming it on the candy coma I'm in or the mountain of things that have been on our plate this week. It doesn't look like it's slowing down from now until Christmas either. I refuse to give into self-induced holiday-itis yet, so here is my best attempt at our past week or two in photos.

We've really been trying to soak up the fall weather before it gets too cold to be outside for hours on end. We've had fun taking walks and jumping in other people's freshly raked leaves.

All messy projects and activities have been moved outdoors so as to take advantage of the weather ... as well as feed my lack of motivation for cleaning up said messes.

Matt and I have been putting in some training for another half marathon we're running in a couple of weeks. It's hard to complain about fall training when you've got cool weather and this view.

We welcomed a new friend to town last week and we've already had several play dates. She's very liberal when it comes to cookie butter, $3 Chuck, and surprises for the kids.

We've also had a few wild Friday nights. I'm hoping we haven't fallen out of favor with the neighbors with all the smoke and shrieking.

Someone is also starting to show some of signs of reading on his/her own, something pretty exciting to dorky parents like us (and no, it's not the little man ... he just likes to play along).

And our past week has been punctuated, almost literally, by a little mishap at school that ended up being nothing that the pediatrician's magic purple glue (and a toy token) wasn't able to fix.

We hope everyone else had a great October and is getting revved up for Thanksgiving (which is coming in less than 3 weeks ... ahhhhhhhhh!).

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