Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Air Show

Anyone who knows Sam is aware that he has a one track mind. OK, I guess we can says it's an obsession. The boy loves airplanes. His days are filled with comments about B-25s, bi-planes, and Blue Angels. I have become quite the expert when it comes to airplane lingo. So there was no question that when the air show came to town this past weekend that we would be in attendance.

We were lucky to get a gorgeous day considering how it it could have been for August. We came prepared with sunscreen, sunglasses and earplugs as well.

Even though the weather was great, the kids still heated up pretty quickly. Matt brought back some refreshments in the form of shaved ice and I thought he was going to be bombarded. Luckily he escaped unscathed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching all the different types of airplanes, jets, and helicopters fly by. There were old WW II planes as well as modern day jets. Good thing we had the earplugs for those because they were LOUD.

The kids also got a chance to try on a fighter pilot helmet and to tour a few airplanes and helicopters. Sam was in heaven and was able to add a few more models to his ever expanding aeronautic vocabulary.

The only mistake was that we decided to stay until the end so we could see the Marine simulation. I wasn't aware that this would involve dropping fake bombs that would explode with fire and smoke. As the first jet raced by and dropped the "bomb," I had a certain 3 year old screaming while attempting to crawl up my leg.  Let's just say that Luke did not like the bombs. The only problem was that we really couldn't get away from the simulation. So I just had to hold him helplessly as each jet came screaming by. Then came the grand finale ...

The wall of fire was enough to send Luke over the edge and I ended the day chasing him through the airfield while he screamed to get away. It was terrifying for him. I'm hoping he isn't traumatized for life. No nightmares so far and he and Sam played "air show" when we got homes, so I'm hoping it wasn't too damaging.

Overall, it was a really fun day (minus the permanently scarring Luke part). I think we helped Sam reaffirm his desire to be a pilot when he grows up. He was disappointed that there were no Blue Angels, so we'll have to hunt them down one day in the future.

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