Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Am I Supposed To Do With All These Strawberries?

This weekend we finally decided to hit the strawberry fields. This is one of our favorite picking activities because it's usually fairly quick, it's in the spring so it isn't too hot, and we love strawberries!

The kids had a fabulous time and we were rewarded with lots of cloud cover and a not-yet-raided patch of strawberries.

We ended up with two large flats of strawberries in under half an hour! We love strawberries, but what am I supposed to do with all of them? We froze some, but I'm trying to find ideas on what to do with the ones we haven't frozen. Strawberry pie has already been mentioned ... any other ideas??

We are literally drowning in strawberries ... help!


  1. You can make jam, it is easy. Freezer jam is easiest and there are recipes online or in the pectin package.

    1. I have thought about jam but convinced myself it must be hard. You may have changed my mind!