Thursday, January 5, 2012


Although I do not miss the Florida heat in the summers, there are definitely a few things I do miss about living there. Namely, the proximity to the beach. I love the mountains as well, but I'll take the beach any day if forced to choose between the two. There's nothing like sitting with your toes in the sand and enjoying a good book for hours on end.

So, of course, when we went to Florida over the Christmas break, we had to make sure to fit in a trip to Crescent Beach. I grew up going to this beach every summer and it's the first beach that the kids ever went to as well. It's so nice to go there when the temperatures are cooler and the crowds are less. Matt and I have always talked about opening up a Bed and Breakfast when we "retire" one day, and you know that I'll be making a push for a house on the beach if those dreams ever come true!

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