Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Pictures

I can't get over how many events revolve around Halloween. I thought kids only wore their Halloween costumes on the actual holiday, but I was gravely mistaken. I think it's the result of parents wanting to get their money's worth out of a costume. Therefore, any type of event that occurs in October automatically qualifies itself as a costume-wearing opportunity. At least my kids liked wearing their costumes this year and they were easy to get on and off!

Because we had so many Halloween events, I've just compiled a few (well, a lot) of my favorite pictures together to sum up this past Halloween week. Yup, the fun started on Thursday with Project Pumpkin at Wake Forest, continued on Friday with a hay ride and pumpkin picking (again, I know) at Tanglewood, right on in to Saturday with pumpkin carving, and finally ending on Sunday with the actual holiday and trick or treating itself. I am exhausted ... and so is my camera. I may have to break all the pictures up into two posts so your scrolling fingers will have a chance to rest!


Checking out the huge lion ...

Trying out the new wand ...

Playing some games ...

M&M break ...

I think Luke ate five lollipops while we were there. Cavities anyone??

Today we went on a hay ride to a pumpkin patch to pick out another pumpkin. Every family needs more than one pumpkin to carve, so we set off to add to our pumpkin family. The hay ride was lots of fun, especially since we got to see a lot of the Chirstmas lights that Tanglewood is ALREADY putting up. What happened to Thanksgiving? Anyway, we got to add to my the kids' candy stash when we did some trunk or treating after the hay ride. The M&M's and Hershey Kiss were a hit!

Back tomorrow with pumpkin carving and trick or treating pictures!

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