Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Second Christmas

As if the kids hadn't gotten enough presents lately with the triplets' birthday and Christmas, we had "Second Christmas" this past weekend with the Clifford side of the family at our new house in Winston Salem. We had fun seeing everyone and Peyton, Sam, Adah, and Luke enjoyed opening even more presents. Here are a few pictures of the unwrapping extravaganza.

And even though the house is still a mess and cluttered, I thought I would share a few photos. Only a couple rooms are even close to presentable (meaning that you can discern furniture from the piles of stuff). Here's some of the kitchen/dining room.

Playroom. Sadly (due to necessity), this room is the furthest along in terms of being organized.

Finally, here's a picture of the outside. Please excuse the large trucks, they're putting in our fence as I type. Also, you will notice that we have a lovely yard of mud and hay. They had to do a lot of work on the foundation before we moved in and thus had to rip up the yard. They'll hopefully be able to put in grass soon once it warms up enough that the ground isn't frozen!

We're supposed to get into the 50's by the end of this week, so keep your fingers crossed!

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