Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let It Snow

I know my title is thematically Christmas, but there really aren't any songs descriptive of snow without the Christmas tone attached. So we'll just pretend it's a month ago and pull out all those snowy Christmas favorites like Frosty the Snowman and White Christmas.

We got our first NC snow this weekend! We woke up to a perfectly white landscape that covered the trees, fences and roads.

And since our backyard looked like this ...

We were going to have to do a lot of inside activities with the kids this weekend. We decided to try and let them help with baking cookies. And yes, I admit that I bought the Break and Bake variety because I just didn't want to take out the mixer and let the kids dust the entire kitchen with flour ... sue me. They seemed to have just as much fun with the bricks of pre-made cookie dough. Plus, it made the whole process go more quickly, which is just what their short little attention spans ordered.

As evidenced by the previous picture, we discovered Peyton was licking the bottom of every cookie before she put it down on the sheet. By this point we were almost done so we just let it go and hoped the germs would "bake off" in the oven. A perfectly plausible likelihood if you ask me. We all share the same germs in this house anyway.

We decided to save the first foray into the snow until Sunday when the weather was supposed to clear. I didn't want to truck all four kids out into the half foot of snow while it was sleeting and 21 degrees. Not my idea of a good first experience in the white stuff. Sunday was supposed to be sunny and the temperature was projected to shoot up to a balmy 37 degrees (can you sense the sarcasm?). So, for the first day, the boots sat unused in the hallway.

Yes, you seasoned snow-goers out there, I know that these are, in fact, rain boots and not snow boots. I figured it would be a waste to buy all our kids snow boots for the couple days a year we have snow. I figured rain boots would substitute nicely (and it does rain here a lot so they can get used then as well). Plus, they're all I could find at Target the day before the snow hit when I was running around the store with every other mom in the city looking for anything waterproof to cover my childrens' feet. I'm just glad we didn't have to resort to garbage bag booties.

Sunday we woke to a much sunnier and warmer day in comparison to the day before. We headed outside and had a great time walking, sledding, and playing with the snow.

Although the sledding, "stirring" our snow with icicles, and stomping in the snow was fun, the highlight of the day definitely had to be Matt's invention of snow ball "ice cream cones." We spent a good part of our time outside eating ice cream (snow) molded onto cones (icicles). Yum! Hope we avoided the yellow snow ...

All in all, a great first time in the snow! We have tomorrow off from school, so maybe we'll go out again and have some more adventures!

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