Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Camp Out

A few weeks ago we decided to let the kids live one of their life long dreams and go on a camp out. While I'm all for the great outdoors, I'm not really a sleep-on-the-floor-dig-a-hole-for-a-potty kind of girl. If you can give me a cabin and a bath house at the "camp site", I'm all about it. Well, the kids wanted to really camp out. In a tent. And sleep on the gound in sleeping bags.

Mamma don't play that.

So we decided on a compromise. We let them have their camp out fun. We pitched a tent and brought out our sleeping bags. We had a fire with marshmallows, we ate outside, and we stayed up late to catch lightning bugs (because everyone in NC know that's what fireflies are really called). And the best part? We did it all in the comfort of our own backyard.

A test run, if you will. I did not want to haul all six of us out to the woods to discover that the kids didn't think that camping was all they thought it was cracked up to be. They were happy about getting to camp and I was happy about air conditioning and running water. Win-win.

Plus, Wilson didn't feel left out.

We actually did have a great time and got to do everything the kids had wanted to do. We even managed to fit in a little extras like carving our initials into a tree and going for a little swing in the trees.

Fireflies? Check.

Campfire? Check.

Four happy campers? Most definitely.

We finally got them quieted down once it turned dark and they all actually fell fast asleep under the stars. It was a perfectly cool night and I enjoyed sitting on the deck and listening to the frogs and cicadas while they slept.

Of course, we brought them all back inside once we headed to bed ourselves. I think they would have been fine out there but no one tells you that a 6-person tent is really code for a 4-person tent. I don't think much sleeping would have occurred if Matt and I had tried to shimmy our way in there. They didn't seem to mind though and now they have some crazy idea about a REAL camp out on their minds. I told them we may need a few more practice rounds first ...

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