Tuesday, March 26, 2013


In the triplets' Pre-K class, they learn about a new letter each week. Their teacher always comes up with cute and inventive ways for helping them remember the sounds each letter makes. For example, she introduced the letter A by teaching them that the letter A is always being chased by a monster, causing her to run away screaming, "Ahhhhhhh!" A few weeks ago they had a wedding ceremony for letters Q and U (since they're always together) complete with wedding veils and bow ties.

Last week they learned about the letter V. They're always excited to get into the car and tell me the new letter and everything they learned about it that day.

Me: "Hey guys! How was school?"

Sam: "Good, Mom! We learned about the letter V!"

Me: "Awesome. What did you learn about V?"

Sam: "We learned about volcanoes and we saw a video about them. Did you know that before it comes out of the volcano it is called megma (translation: magma) and then it comes out the throat ... did you know volcanoes have throats? ... and then it comes out the throat and it is lava!"

Me: "That's great! Did you learn about what sound the letter V makes?"

Sam: "Yeah, Mom. The V says Vvvvvvvvvv, just likes the sound something makes when it vibernates!"

Hmmmm, I'm wondering if they were learning about the winter habits of bears this week as well?

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