Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In Honor of Valentine's Day

In honor of the day of love we're celebrating tomorrow, here are some things I am loving right this instant ...

1. Luke's Rs, or I guess the lack thereof. His Rs still come out as Ws and I just cannot resist getting him to say "R" words all day long. I'll be sad when he outgrows this last piece of his babyness.

2. The boys new found love of basketball. Maybe it's because it is easier to watch than golf or football, but all of the kids will sit down and watch an entire basketball game on TV now. This is music to their sports loving parents ears! And everyday you can find the boys outside playing make-believe basketball games with their ball and hoop. Nothing could make this former basketball player happier!

3. Last Wednesday's nap. What's that?? Nap, you say? That's right, we've been off of naps for months now but last week the kids seemed run down and we had a late night ahead of us at church. So I put them all down for a "rest" and they all fell asleep! It was definitely the highlight of the day as I got to just bask in the silence.

4. Our new small group study at church. We're doing a really cool series over the next few months centered on common questions people have about Christianity and the interpretation of the Bible. We're only one week in, but it's been great so far. We love our small group.

5. Cookie Butter (thanks Trader Joe's) and Cookies (thanks Girl Scouts).

6. Leaping practice at home to ready ourselves for Saturday morning gracefulness.

7. Adventures walks including trips to "Splash River Park" (aka the bridge where we throw rocks into the water) and the "Unicorn Forest" (aka, the wooded trail leading away from our house).

8. Valentine's Day dinner for me and Matt. I'm excited to try a new recipe and we both love a good meal AFTER the kids have gone to bed.

9. Sweet Brown. If you don't know what I'm talking about then I won't enlighten you ... you're probably better off not knowing.

Happy V-day everyone!

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