Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Hello Goodbye Window

My favorite part of the day is dropping the kids off at school. And no, it's not for the reason that you think (though I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy those few quiet hours).

When I drop the kids off, they always race inside and up the stairs - big 4 year olds get to go to the upstairs classes this year - to reach what we call the hello goodbye window.

The window is on the landing between the two staircases and you can see it as you are pulling out of the car line once I drop them all off. They always make sure that I'm going to stop and wave at them once they get to the window on their way to class. One time I did not stop and wave (I thought they were already up in their room) and I heard about it for the next three days. So now I'm always careful to be patient and wait until they make it there.

They wave and smile, make silly faces, blow me kisses, and end it all with our special "I love you" wave. Then they barrel up the stairs, ready for another adventure. It is the sweetest part of my day and the theme of our lives right now. Four little souls reaching for their independence, but making sure that I'm still there. I'm cherishing it now because I know it will all be over too soon. Before I know it I'll be dropping them off a block from the movie theater and trying to steal hugs and kisses when no one is looking.

But for now, I want to remember the hello goodbye window. It's a way for me to put in perspective how young they still are and how old they are becoming at the very same time.

*If you have never read The Hello Goodbye Window, by Norton Juster, it's a must read. A sweet book about the relationship between children and grandparents. We change the names in the book to our kids' own grandparents' names so it has even more meaning.


  1. I am visiting from Michele's blog. I stopped over here because of the title of your post. My son's daycare has windows that face out over the parking lot. My son's classroom is on the wrong side of the building for us to have a hello/goodbye window, but there is a father who frequently arrives just as I am leaving. Whenever we pass on the stairway, I hear him asking his son if he is ready to go to the window to wave. It always sounds like such a sweet way to say goodbye, and now I can't wait until my son is on the other side of the building and we can do the same.

    1. So sweet. I hope it's something he'll remember for a long time!